“The secret of our Zen therapy lies within the combination of using hot herbal bags while providing a relaxing oil therapy.”

Nourishing Heat

The heat from little bags filled with herbs penetrates deep into the muscle structure and provides relief and embraces you with warmth. The subsequent oil massage thoroughly relaxes the body and lifts up your spirits. Herbal bags are placed on various centers of energy across your body in a way that the heat can pervade deep into the tissue to alleviate tension and get rid of pain. This treatment also helps to calm down the mind.

Essential Oils Massage

The second part of our Zen treatment consists of a thorough massage of the whole body. Natural essential oils nourish and regenerate the skin. Your mind and body will then experience the ultimate relief.

Stress Relief

Our Zen therapy is a great way to battle stress and tension within your mind and spirit. Regular massages also help to calm down the nervous system, alleviate muscle tension, stimulate blood flow and reduce swelling.

Dárkové poukazy
Dárkové poukazy


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