“The traditional Thai massage uses no oils and takes place wearing loose clothing that we provide for you. What awaits is only the most diligent care.”

The Arts of the Far East

When performing a Thai massage, our therapists use their whole body weight to apply pressure to various acupressure points on your body. This ancient method of massaging that has been proven by generations serves to relieve stress, stimulates the lymphatic system and helps to restore the flow of energy throughout your whole body.

The Perfect Stretch

Traditional Thai massage is perfect for alleviating muscle pain and tension. The treatment provides stretching of the spine, tendons, joints and muscles, while closely focusing on thorough massage of the whole body. Even though this treatment may sometimes become slightly painful, it ultimately helps to reduce or fully eliminate pain. Our therapists will customize the treatment to suit each client individually, and will pay special attention to each client’s problematic spots.

Massage for the Demanding Ones

Classic Thai massage serves as great prevention and therapy for back pains, such as the lower back and neck. It also helps to alleviate pain in the shoulders and strained muscle pain. Furthermore, it provides great benefits to your psyche.

Dárkové poukazy
Dárkové poukazy


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