“Shiatsu is a Japanese pressure massage that stimulates the muscles, joints, blood and lymphatic circulation.”

We provide for you a special t-shirt, trousers, towel and slippers. Massage uses no oils and the masseuse gradually massages all parts of your body with long movements.

Relaxation and Relief

It is a system of massage techniques, although originated in Japan, but it stands on far older bases of oriental massage techniques and on philosophical foundations of mainly Chinese medicine. Using massage touches and acupressure returns energy balance to the whole body.

The Shiatsu theory believes in the KI vital energy, which flows through the body by the networks of energy pathways, so-called meridians. In Japanese Shiatsu (shia - tsu) means "finger pressure". It is an unique massage and heritage of the exceptional Japanese culture.

Dárkové poukazy
Dárkové poukazy


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