Fresh Splash

“Perfect care interwoven with fresh aromas of bamboo, green tea and avocado.”

Skin rejuvenation

Before the massage itself, we rid your body of dead tissue with a peeling with bamboo and salt extracts. Together we will pack you and the natural products together and let them work.

Relaxation of the muscles on the face

Even mimic muscles deserve to relieve tension from your smile. While the wrap works, you can enjoy a facial massage with avocado vegan oil, which hydrates and regenerates the skin. And for perfect care, there must be a mask with bamboo extracts that will smooth your skin.

Harmonious oil massage

Thanks to the scent of green tea, your body will be wrapped in an imaginary bathrobe of tea leaves, your mind will tune in to a harmonious wave. The touches of the masseuses relax the stiff muscles and you will feel the relief and lightness of your body as if you are floating above the ground.

Dárkové poukazy
Dárkové poukazy


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