“Acupressure of the soles and paying special attention to their lower parts are the fundamental basics of the reflexive foot massage therapy. Before the treatment, your therapist will give your feet a wash.”

Multi-millennial Tradition

This type of massage is based on the ancient study of foot mapping that follows the idea of every part of the foot being connected to a particular organ. When focusing on specific pressure points, this massage helps to stimulate natural regeneration of the interconnected organs. This therapy also provides relaxation and has a beneficial impact on your mind and spirit. It helps to alleviate stress and restore inner harmony.

Awaken Your Energy

Massage of the bottom and top of your feet accompanied with massaging of the calves provides ultimate relaxation for strained and heavy feet. Regular repetition of this treatment also helps to retain correct body posture. Applying pressure to reflexive points of the soles stimulates blood flow, alleviates pain and helps to restore energy within the whole body.

Dárkové poukazy
Dárkové poukazy


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